Online Teaching: Fundamentals of Instructional Design

Course Duration: Eight weeks total, approximately six hours per week.

Audience: K-12 Teachers

Format: Four two-week modules. Each module includes one week of self-paced and one week of collaborative instruction. The collaborative sessions are fully facilitated.

Course Description: Online Teaching: Fundamentals of Instructional Design focuses on the principles and best practices of successful online course design. Participants practice specific instructional design skills with multiple learning tools. Through class activities, collaboration with colleagues, and dedicated coaching from the course instructor, participants will develop an online unit and prepare to develop an online course.

Course Outline: Download PDF

Module 1: Organizing Content

  • Backwards Design Basics
  • ADDIE Instructional Design Model
  • Other Instructional Design Models
  • Objectives
  • Choices and Chunking

Module 3: Relationship between Course Design and Instruction

  • Planning Instruction
  • Creating Multiple Paths Through Content
  • Selecting the Right Tools for the Job – Asynchronous Tools
  • Selecting the Right Tools for the Job – Synchronous Tools

Module 2: Selecting Content and Assessments

  • Open Source Content and Educational Resources
  • Online Tools for Collaboration, Presentation, and Assessment
  • Assessment Considerations

Module 4: Building the Course

  • Online Course Formats
  • Online Course Structure
  • Content Layout
  • Course Expectations