Project-Based Assessment

Everyone learns differently, and standardized testing is not always an accurate way to measure academic mastery and growth. PLS 3rd Learning has developed the Project-Based Assessment (PBA) platform to support students completing project-based assessments as an alternative pathway to proficiency.

PBA delivers locally developed project activities and teaching/learning resources aligned to learning standards, and can be integrated with our digital content repository. Able to support both blended learning and assessment solutions, PBA is completely customizable to align to district, state, national and international standards.

PBA: The infrastructure/platform/user interface at a glance

Self-Contained, Web-based System

The PBA system is entirely web-based and requires nothing to be installed on the client’s computers – making it easy to deploy in a large scale roll-out.

Scalable User Platform

Highly scalable, the user platform utilizes the latest Microsoft database and Web development technology.

Standards-Based Project Activities

Project activities are clearly linked to learning standards and teaching/learning resources to help a student master the concepts.

User-Friendly Interface

Efforts have been made to make the user interface as easy to navigate as possible – ensuring that we are testing the academic concepts, rather than computer usage skills.

Text Reader Technology

Technologies such as text readers are employed to assist students as necessary.

Flexibility for Different Learning Styles

To allow for flexibility in accommodating different types of learners, blank projects can be saved as PDFs or printed, allowing students to work on paper copies which can then be uploaded – allowing the system to manage the completion and evaluation process.