Portable. Accessible. Infinitely usable.

PLS 3rd Learning is committed to providing our partners and clients with innovative, intuitive online tools to customize their systems with that ensure the projects and programs we deliver meet their needs – and exceed their expectations. Below is a sample of some of our most popular tools that can be used to customize our projects and programs.


This personal electronic allows teachers to store their stuff electronically – with over 1G of cloud storage – allows users to save and access bookmarked information, digital files, media and resources from any computer.

Website Builder

Educators can empower parents and students by providing them with important classroom information through an easy-to-customize classroom website. By making handouts, permission slips, and assignment information available online, they can save on paper, ink, and time.

Curriculum Builder

Allows users to view the standards, consult a district’s curriculum, and build their own curriculum maps. Best of all, everything is accessible from any computer with just one login – no more handouts to keep track of, or binders to carry.


Users simply pull their saved instruction materials, curriculum maps, lesson plans and other resources into the ePlanner and they can integrate their day-to-day instruction with your district’s curricula. The online calendar format allows users to organize by quarter, month, unit, lesson, and/or module.

Publish Your Best!

Our Publish Your Best! tool gives educators the opportunity to publish the successful lessons and resources they create and share them with other project users.

Featured Content

Each week, the PLS 3rd Learning team researches and features new instructional content that educators should know about. Our database contains over 10,000 unique, effective resources archived and available for your use.

Assessment Builder

Standards-based education means creating standards-based ways to measure progress. Using this database of past local, state and national exams, users can create their own downloadable formative assessments, review tools and more.

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