A Signature Partner of the New York State Council of School Superintendents (NYSCOSS), NYLearns was developed by the original 3rd Learning team at the University at Buffalo’s Center for Applied Technology in Education (CATE) to help teachers understand and apply a standards-based approach to teaching and learning.

This customizable content management portal delivers searchable Common Core standards, over 100 sample curriculum maps, and integrated online tools that enhance New York State educators’ effectiveness where it counts – in the classroom.

Educational content, context and tools. Measurable results.

Aligned to NYS Standards

Aligned to all NYS Standards, including the NYS P-12 Common Core Learning Standards and alternate standards, our educational resources are searchable by standard, performance indicator, grade level, subject area, and keyword.

Educational Resources and Instructional Content

Developed by master teachers and content providers, NYLearns’ educational resources and instructional content are searchable by keyword, or by “drilling down” to the NYS Common Core performance indicators.

Peer-Reviewed Resources

Peer-reviewed using the NYS Academy for Teaching and Learning (NYSATL) protocol, these resources are aligned to the NYS standard down to the performance indicator level.

Online Teacher Tools

NYLearns provides a full suite of innovative online teacher tools, including the popular Assessment Builder, ePortfolio, and ePlanner.

Curriculum Matrix Tool

The Curriculum Matrix Tool allows districts to place their curriculum within a living, dynamic system – giving them access to standards and resources in one easily accessible online tool.

User Enrollment Tool

User Enrollment Tool allow district administrators to create teacher accounts, user names and passwords, enabling convenient turn-key training of teachers.

Helpdesk Support

Access to NYLearns’ Helpdesk staff via email, phone and the “How Can We Help?” instant messaging feature, which provides users with assistance in real time.

Learn more about our work with NYLearns on the district level by reading this case study.

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