The Ogretmen Akademisi Vakfi (Teachers’ Academy Foundation, or ORAV) was established in August 2008 to provide over 100,000 Turkish educators an optimized professional development experience. In support of their face-to-face efforts, PLS 3rd Learning partnered with ORAV to co-create a standards-based system  and online professional learning communities (PLCs) to further connect educators across Turkey.

Launched in early 2009, the eKampus portal provides teachers access to:

Education Standards

Turkish national education standards.

Best Practices and Procedures

Best practices and procedures for sharing quality teaching and learning resources, including workshops developed and led by PLS 3rd Learning Executive Vice President Steve Barkley.


Complete integration with ORAV’s existing learning management system (LMS) offering online and fully facilitated coursework.

Professional Learning Communities

Cyber cafés, chat rooms and professional learning communities to support critical education conversations.

Tools for Teachers

Digital portfolios and other dynamic tools for teachers.