Steve Barkley

A master teacher of teachers, administrators and educational professionals.

Whether you’re a school district supervisor or a boots-on-the-ground classroom teacher, Steve Barkley knows you’re there for your students, and that is why he’s here for you. Years of research and work in the field have shown him time and again that teachers don’t cause student achievement – students do, when armed with the right learning behaviors taught and modeled by others. From those behaviors, they become lifelong learners.

Steve’s simple, yet effective “backwards planning” approach to education shifts the process of teaching practices, coaching, and professional staff development in significant and comprehensive ways. He believes that education is a team sport, and that all members have an important role to play to make schools successful for all students. Whether you join him for one of his award-winning Professional Development presentations, subscribe to his blog or pick up one of his books, you’ll find Steve is a great asset to your team.

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