PDD – Professional Development Differently

A Personalized Approach to PD

Although every teacher might have different professional development needs, all PD should be aligned to the core competencies, goals and teaching standards of the district. Administrators have access to a sophisticated data-reporting tool that detects faculty strengths and weaknesses. This allows administrators to leverage limited financial resources to the greatest areas of need.

PDD creates a tailored plan unique to each teacher with relevant online coursework to address specific areas of need. These customized plans allow teachers to effectively and efficiently improve areas of need to become highly effective educators.

Central to the PDD system is a full course catalog identifying high-quality, online offerings for professional learning aligned to Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. PLS 3rd Learning’s online professional development modules promote and support what highly effective teachers should know and be able to do.

These online, PD modules provide:

  • Evidence-based research
  • Practical classroom examples
  • Opportunities for practice
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Additional tools and resources designed to improve teacher practice

Each online module is fully facilitated by a qualified and experienced instructor who supports the individual teacher during the professional learning. The courses explore effective teaching principles and promote student achievement.