July 15th, 2016
PLS 3rd Learning Presents SuperEval & NYLearns at 2016 RSA Conference

PLS 3rd Learning presented SuperEval and NYLearns at the 2016 RSA Conference (Rural Schools Association). The conference was held at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

This year’s conference, “Reimagining Rural Schools, Now or Never,” featured presentations by Michael Horning, Jr., M.Ed., PLS 3rd Learning Executive Vice President. Michael presented SuperEval, a web-based approach to superintendent evaluations. He also presented NYLearns, a dynamic, online curriculum management and standards-based system, to superintendents and board members from school districts in the RSA consortium.

Both presentations included overviews of PLS 3rd Learning’s web-based platforms and were well received.

The annual RSA conference includes selected exhibits, recognized speakers, topical workshops, and opportunities for New York State school board members and administrators to network and collaborate.

More About the RSA:

The Rural Schools Association is a statewide, member driven organization dedicated to representing the interests of small and rural school districts in New York State. Approximately 300 school districts and BOCES units are currently enrolled as members of RSA.

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