March 11, 2014
Steve Barkley Named the 2014 Friend of Professional Learning by Learning Forward New Jersey


Buffalo, New York – PLS 3rd Learning is proud to announce that Steve Barkley, Executive Vice President, was presented with the Friend of Professional Learning Award for 2014 from Learning Forward New Jersey.

The award was presented at the LFNJ Annual Conference on February 27th, where Barkley was also the keynote speaker. The award recognizes Barkley’s valuable advocacy for quality learning opportunities in schools across the state. He is credited with having significant impact on the policies and practices that made New Jersey a national leader in professional learning.

“Steve Barkley provides guidance, feedback, planning work and just plain common sense strategies for educators that transform schools into learning organizations where student needs drive the learning of adults”, said Victoria Duff of Learning Forward’s Center for Results. “He is compelling, engaging, passionate and turns you into a believer equipped with new skills to improve teaching and learning.”

Learning Forward New Jersey believes that professional learning is a key lever in ensuring that educators have the knowledge, skills, aspirations, and beliefs to support all students in meeting their learning goals. In order to have strong comprehensive systems of professional learning in all schools and districts, individuals like Barkley relentlessly advocate for change that transform schools.

“Learning Forward is the leading advocate for empowering teachers and administrators to empower learners,” said Barkley. “Having started my career as a beginning teacher in New Jersey 40 years ago, I am honored and take special appreciation in being recognized by LFNJ.”

About PLS 3rd Learning:
PLS 3rd Learning is an organization dedicated to the improvement of teaching and learning in K-12 schools by combining professional learning and advanced technologies. Our mission is to develop technology-based systems and professional learning opportunities that promote and enhance educator effectiveness.

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About Learning Forward New Jersey:
Learning Forward New Jersey is an organization dedicated to creating a network of educational leaders across the state of New Jersey to build strong comprehensive systems of professional learning. LFNJ is committed to providing assistance with the design, implementation and evaluation of quality professional learning to increase student achievement.

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